Easy prodigi integration for woocommerce

This case study explores the successful integration of prodigi with a custom plugin named SyncEase with WooCommerce order processing system. SyncEase is specifically designed to facilitate the streamlined delivery of art prints through Prodigi, a renowned printing and fulfillment service. By automating data transfer and adhering to Prodigi’s API requirements, SyncEase ensures efficient print production and delivery, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Background of prodigi integration

As a Fiverr freelancer specializing in WordPress development, I received a request from a client to create a custom plugin that would simplify the process of ordering art prints through Prodigi. The client’s goal was to integrate the WooCommerce order system with Prodigi, enabling seamless data and image transfer to facilitate high-quality print production.

The challenge of prodigi integration :

The primary challenge was to develop a plugin that would seamlessly connect the WooCommerce order system with Prodigi’s API requirements. The plugin needed to automatically send order data and images to Prodigi after payment completion, eliminating the need for manual data entry and file transfers. Compatibility with WooCommerce, was also essential for a seamless integration.

Prodigi Integration Solution:

To address the challenge, I took the following steps:

Plugin Development:

During plugin developemnt, tailored to meet the specific requirements of WooCommerce orders and Prodigi’s API. Simultaneously designed the plugin to integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce, ensuring a smooth transition from order placement to data and image transfer.

Automated Data Transfer:

SyncEase automatically extracted the relevant order information, including customer details and print specifications, from the WooCommerce order system. It securely transmitted this information to Prodigi’s API, meeting their data transfer requirements.

High-Resolution Image Transfer:

SyncEase provided an intuitive interface within the WooCommerce order system, allowing sellers to upload high-resolution images directly. The plugin ensured that the images were formatted correctly and met Prodigi’s image quality standards, guaranteeing excellent print output.

Payment Completion Trigger:

SyncEase was designed to initiate the data and image transfer to Prodigi only after the successful completion of the payment process within the WooCommerce order system. This ensured a seamless and automated workflow, minimizing manual intervention and reducing the potential for errors.

Results and Benefits of Prodigi Integration :

The integration of SyncEase with WooCommerce order system brought several significant benefits:

Streamlined Order Processing:

SyncEase automated the transfer of order data and images, eliminating the need for manual entry and file uploads. This reduced the potential for errors, saving time and effort for both sellers and buyers.

Improved Print Production:

By adhering to Prodigi’s API requirements and providing high-resolution images, SyncEase ensured that print production was optimized, resulting in superior print quality and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

SyncEase’s seamless integration with WooCommerce order system allowed for a hassle-free experience for buyers. The automated data transfer and image upload process provided a smoother journey from order placement to print delivery.

Time and Cost Savings:

SyncEase significantly reduced the time and effort required for sellers to manually handle order data and image transfers. This efficiency allowed sellers to focus more on their core services, enhancing overall productivity and profitability.


The successful integration of SyncEase with WooCommerce order system for seamless art print delivery via Prodigi’s API has improved the overall experience for both sellers and buyers. By automating data transfer and optimizing image quality, SyncEase streamlined the workflow, resulting in superior print production and enhanced customer satisfaction. The plugin’s compatibility with WooCommerce ensured a seamless integration. This case study highlights the effectiveness of SyncEase in simplifying the art print ordering process and showcases its potential to transform e-commerce platforms by facilitating the seamless delivery of custom products.

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