Easy way to invoice for WooCommerce with green invoice.

Green Invoice

Invoicing is an essential aspect of running a business, and it is crucial that the process is efficient and streamlined. In this case study, we will look at a WordPress plugin. It can connect to Green Invoice, provide invoice for WooCommerce. It helps to automatically create invoices after payments are made on a WordPress WooCommerce website. This plugin was developed to solve the problem of manual invoice preparation, save time and error.

Need automatic invoice for WooCommerce

The client, a small business owner, had been utilizing Green Invoice for their invoicing requirements. He found that it was taking too much of their time to manually prepare invoices when funds were received. They wanted a solution that would automate the invoice creation process and save them time and effort.

Development of Invoyager – Invoice for WooCommerce:

As a solo developer, I created a WordPress plugin that integrates with the Green Invoice API. Due to the plugin, there is no longer a need for manual invoice preparation. It creates invoice automatically after a customer makes a payment on the website. The plugin also includes options for customizing the invoice template and for setting up recurring invoices for subscription-based services.

I built the plugin using the WordPress plugin development guidelines and best practices. I used the WordPress actions and filters system to connect payment gateway and the Green Invoice API. The plugin also includes a user-friendly interface for configuring the plugin settings and customizing the invoice template.

The following phases made up the development process::

  • Phase 1: Research and Planning
  • Phase 2: Design and Development
  • Phase 3: Testing and Debugging
  • Phase 4: Deployment and Maintenance

I also provided training on how to use the plugin and how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

The end result of Invoyager – Invoice for WooCommerce:

The client saved a lot of time when creating invoices, thanks to the plugin’s smooth installation. The plugin also helped reduce errors and improve the overall invoicing process. The client used the plugin for their invoicing requirements because they were happy with it and the training they received.

review of invoyager
review of invoyager


This case study demonstrates how a single developer can create and install a WordPress plugin. That plugin can automate the invoicing process and save a business time and effort. The plugin was able to automate the invoice creation process and eliminate the need for manual invoice creation by connecting to the Green Invoice API. The plugin was also user-friendly and easy to use, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. The development process was successful as a solo developer and helped to improve the overall invoicing process for the client.

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